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Orchestra Performance Of “Flebile” & “Schwungvoll” From ‘Tristate of Mind’ (feat. MeLo-X)

This is definitely one of those shows I personally wish I could have attended. This is footage, from the August 21st 2011 show at Webster Hall in NYC, of "Flebile" and "Schwungvoll," by producer Tristate, being performed live by an orchestra and featuring MeLo-X on the mic. You can find both these tracks on Tristate's Tristate Of Mind which is available for purchase now via Bandcamp. I have also added the Bandcamp stream/purchase player below the description of the project. Definitely check this joint out.

'Tristate of Mind' is the breakthrough composure by music producer/multi-instrumentalist, Tristate. It is the first original Classical Hip-Hop piece ever written. 'Tristate of Mind' is an organic musical canvas with life as the muse. The most culturally relevant composition to date, spanning centuries of symphonic influences. A new archetype of sound and format. The cover artwork was painted by Alex Andreyev of St. Petersburg, Russia and features brilliant operatic vocals sung by Nicole Yazolino of Berlin, Germany making the album an international work of art.

"I composed Tristate of Mind by pushing myself creatively to a place I've never been in order to uniquely contribute to music culture and music's future. I pushed myself so that maybe our culture, humanity itself, may do the same. Something dies in us in the absence of true creativity and innovation."

-Tristate, 2011

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