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[Feature Interview] Bedrockk, Lyrique, Pia Rolle, & Don di Napoli of [istandard] Talk About “Show Me”

Interview by AO The music industry is, at it’s core, a “people business.”  Relationships and connections are at the roots of every success story.  The latest [istandard] success story was facilitated by one of our co-founders, Don di Napoli and the… read more

[New Mixtape] Thrill Collins presents Private Lessons

Our Co-Founder/CEO Don Di Napoli p/k/a Thrill Collins dropped a little surprise for us today – his new mixtape “Private Lessons” Check it out: So I’ve finally made another mixtape… A lot of you have… read more

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[Video] iStandard’s Don Di Napoli Talks w/ GRAMMY Pro

Posted by DJ Aaron Omar iStandard Producers co-founder and co-owner Don Di Napoli stopped by the GRAMMY Pro Recording Academy Headquarters to share with them what our company does, how it benefits the music creator community, and what to… read more

Thrill Collins - Vibe Hotel - 12:30:14
Check Into The “Vibe Hotel” – New Thrill Collins Mixtape

Hello earthlings, and Happy Holidays… It’s been over 2 years since I publicly shared a mixtape, so since I’ve been getting a lot of requests, I saw the time fitting to end the year with… read more

iStandard Selects XXL’s 2014 Freshman Producer Class

        We are honored that XXL has looked to iStandard as the go-to in the world of production, and we are proud to announce that we have selected the 2nd Annual XXL Freshman… read more

2014 freshmen
[New Editorial] iStandard Producers Selects The XXL 2014 Freshmen Producers

Posted By The Certified Genius In conjunction with XXL Magazine, iStandard Producers is proud to announce the official 2014 Freshmen Producers. As an official list of fifteen producers with major credits under their belts, the iStandard selection of 2014 Freshmen… read more

[iStandard Winner] Ontario Native SLMN Wins Our Online Showcase

Interview by @PremiseSNN — What’s up SLMN, where are you from and what do you do? What does your name acronym stand for? What’s up Premise. My name is Mohamed Sulaiman and I’m an up… read more

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[New Video] 3 Questions Interview with Mr. Porter by iStandard Co-founder Don Di Napoli

Posted By The Certified Genius Continuing with our Three Question interview series from A3C, iStandard co-founder Don Di Napoli chopped it up with artist and producer Mr. Porter. During the up close and personal interview, Mr. Porter touches on everything from meeting J… read more

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[New Video] 3 Questions Interview with !llmind by iStandard Co-founder Don Di Napoli

Posted By The Certified Genius If you’ve seen our 3 Questions interview series with DJ Premier and Young Guru then you should know the drill by now. Don Di Napoli (our co-founder at iStandard) had a conversation with !llmind at SAE Institute in Atlanta while everyone… read more

DJ Premier @ #BOTBVII / #BeatCampNYC Wknd. Indy 10/21. Columbus 10/22. Detroit 10/23. Pittsburgh 10/24.

  As you prepare for a hopefully illustrious weekend, we at iStandard want to keep you abreast of a few things happening over the next few weeks.   First off, next week we will be… read more

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[New Video] 3 Questions Interview with DJ Premier by iStandard Co-founder Don Di Napoli

Posted By The Certified Genius While in town for A3C, iStandard co-founder Don Di Napoli caught up with the legendary DJ Premier at SAE Institute in Atlanta for an exclusive interview. With Don asking Primo three major questions pertaining to Premier’s career, his origins… read more

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[New Video] Beat Camp Atlanta 2013 by iStandard Producers & SAE Institute

Posted By The Certified Genius While we were in the A-Town for our Beat Camp Atlanta event, iStandard Producers was able to compile some of the weekend’s highlights. Including footage of the classroom and studio setting provided by SAE Institute as… read more