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[iNterview] Grammy & Dove Award-Nominated IZy Music Gives Her Story

Interview by Premise — What’s up IZy? Thanks for taking time to do this interview.  So tell us, who is IZy and how did you start down the path of music? I’m a 21 year… read more

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[New Editorial] Creating Dubstep Growls In FL Studio by Cody Jones of Audiotuts+

Posted By The Certified Genius With the increasing popularity of electronic dance music (EDM), many producers are trying to incorporate their favorite elements of EDM into their own tracks. With that said, Cody Jones of Audiotuts+ has released a… read more

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[New Audio] Donny Goines & Savant – The Ritalin Project (Refill 1 of 5)

SectionZ Records released the new three track project from Dubstep producer Savant and emcee Donny Goines. The two mesh perfectly in this case giving us a dope little DubHop project called The Ritalin Project (Refill… read more

Taurus Scott – The Intro (Album)

With a foundation in Hip-Hop, LA based Producer/DJ/Engineer Taurus Scott has transcended into the territory of Dub Step. Accused of “making grown man music” by producer, 9th Wonder, Taurus has worked with heavyweights like: The “G-Unit”… read more