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[iNterview] The THX Sound

Interview by Rami Bensasi & Premise – THX, thanks for taking the time to give us some insights about you, your brand and your place in the industry today.  You are an iStandard alumni, having participated… read more

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[New Beat Tape] DJ BA5E – The D.O.T Tape

Posted By The Certified Genius DJ BA5E has released his nine track, trap themed beat tape titled The D.O.T Tape. With nine complete instrumentals that pack an EDM influenced and bass heavy punch, DJ BA5E’s The D.O.T Tape is comprised of… read more

BodyPaint with Jon (1)
[Beauty & The Beats] Philly’s Own: The Lovely Ms Nina Milano

Interview by Premise – What’s up Nina? Reppin Philly my hometown, went to Central High actually. What is your nationality, measurements, and why and when did you get started in the modeling world?  I am Puerto… read more

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[Featured Placement Opp] The Game

Our featured placement opportunity this week is for The Game. Get a Lifetime Membership to the site if you don’t already have it and submit that fire by March 1st!!! DETAILS: Artist: The Game Label: iStandard… read more

[iStandard Alumni] DJ Dreamstate Talks About His Origins and Recent Work with Kritikal

Interview by Premise – DJ Dreamstate, it’s a pleasure bro. Been a minute since we first had you in a Boston showcase back in 2012. You killed it that night and took second place I… read more

[iNterview] Yonkers Producer Black Saun & The Beat Embassy

Interview by Premise – What’s up Black Saun? Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to talk with us about your music career. What initially sparked your passion to pursue a career in the… read more

Crooked City record
[Winners' Circle] The Talented Australian Duo Crooked City

Interview by Premise – What’s up Crooked City? Our Australian fam. It was a pleasure meeting you both last November in NY. How and when did you guys form the production duo and what roles… read more

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[Winners' Circle] The Kromatiks Take The Debut Providence Crown

Interview by Premise – What’s up fellas, where are The Kromatiks from and what do you do? Hey hows it going?  We are a production/writing team located in New Haven, CT. We linked up in… read more

[Winners' Circle] The W.A.S.T. W.A.I.N. Style

Interview by Premise – What led you down the path of music and when did you both get started individually? When did you form the duo W.A.S.T. W.A.I.N.? We are both originally from Columbus, OH… read more

[Winners' Circle] Berdz Takes The Boston Belt

Interview by Premise – What’s up Berdz, where are you from and what do you do? What’s good Premise, I was born and raised in Boston, MA.  I’m a Master Barber by trade but my… read more

[iN-Depth] Rashad Thompson Gives Crucial Insight To Producers

Interview by Premise – What’s up Rashad? Thanks for taking time to do this interview. Tell us, where are you from and when did you start producing? What led you down the path of a… read more

[iN-Depth] Self-Proclaimed Beatologist Sonaro

Interview by Premise – What’s up Sonaro? For our readers who may not know you, tell us how you got started as a producer and what sparked it all off for you? What’s good, I… read more