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iStandard exclusive interview w/ MdL

Interview by: Cola Janneti 1. Hey MdL, introduce yourself. What’s up everybody!  I’m MdL, a music producer just living his dream working in Los Angeles, CA for Atlantic Records and Artist Publishing Group. 2. How… read more

iStandard exclusive audio interview with Jaycen Joshua

Drawzilla recently got the chance to chop it up with super engineer Jaycen Joshua. Listen to him breaking down his discography, Justin Beiber, P Diddy, Last Train to Paris, and industry secrets on getting the perfect… read more

Producer Jim Jonsin’s Race Team with Porsche, Champion, Beats by Dre & More! Working with American Idol, Nas, B.o.B. and Justin Bieber!?

By: Dove — It’s probably cliché to call Jim Jonsin a “super producer,” but what else should you call a Grammy-winner responsible for dozens of chart-topping platinum records? Music production is just the tip of… read more

New Music: Runaway Love Remix – Kanye West, Justin Bieber Raekwon

Check out and the download the mp3 here – Source:

MIDI Mafia’s Sonyae Elise – iStandard Publicity’s newest client

Dear Don, In the dictionary it states that a “Rebel” is “someone unconventional who opposes the codes and conventions of society”.  In simpler terms a “Rebel” is someone who doesn’t follow the pack and stands… read more

Behind The Rhymes Live in LA w/ MIDI Mafia

Multi-Platinum Production duo Bruce Waynne and Dirty Swift aka MIDI Mafia speak candidly on their smash hit ’21 Questions’ on 50 Cent’s Mega Platinum ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’, their previous work with Fantasia, and their newest single with Justin Beiber.