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[New Video] Loading Sounds & Sequencing Drums With The Akai MPC Renaissance Via Maschine Masters

Posted By The Certified Genius Maschine Masters and Triple X Beatz bring us a part two or continuation of their last MPC Renaissance tutorial. Whereas the last video left off with teaching us the basics of the Renaissance’s browser, Triple X… read more

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[New Video] Zaytoven Making A Beat On The AKAI MPC Renaissance

Posted By The Certified Genius Zaytoven may specialize in trap tracks but this guy is far from generic when it comes to his beats. Known for crafting street bangers for Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy and Yo… read more

[New Video] DJ Premier Working With The AKAI MPC Renaissance

Posted By The Certified Genius Before the New Year hit, AKAI took some time to visit DJ Premier in his New York studio for a look at what he’s working on. In the video, Premier shows… read more

[New Video] Young Guru On Sampling With The MPC Renaissance

Young Guru brings you through one of his favorite topics…sampling, how to get information into the MPC Renaissance. Watch as he samples using a vinyl turntable to be able to assign it to a pad… read more

[New Video Series] AKAI MPC Minute (Q Tip, The Hitmen, Young Guru, Marley Marl, Jerry Wonda & More)

Akai Pro has released videos of music’s most prominent producers working with their newest masterpiece: The Renaissance. Lay back, relax, and enjoy as the marvelous minds of music go to work on the latest technology offered… read more

[New Video] MPC Minute ft. Marley Marl [DEMO PERFORMANCE]

The legendary Marley Marl bangs out a beat on Akai’s new MPC Renaissance. Marley shares the features his love for the new MPC as gives shows you his favorite features. Listen as he tells how… read more

[New Gear] AKAI: MPC Renaissance + MPC minute w/ DJ Premier & Pete Rock [Video]

With Akai releasing their latest work: MPC  Renaissance, we’re tempted to ask what changes have been made to set it apart from any other drum machine they’ve produced in the past. So What’s new with the… read more