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[New Video] Mr. Green Plays Mass Appeal’s Rhythm Roulette

Posted By The Certified Genius As the latest contestant to play Mass Appeal‘s producer themed Rythym Roulette game, Mr. Green aka Mr. Live From The Streets steps to the plate/turntable/MPC. Making use of some records that he blindly picked out at a record… read more

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[New Video] Exile Uses His MPC To Flip Two Jay Z Songs Into Beats

Posted By The Certified Genius Having recently released his Zip Disks & Floppies (iTunes or instrumental LP through Dirty Science, Exile has released a video of him turning various full Jay Z songs into beats of his own. Including five minutes of live… read more

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[New Audio] Wu-Tang Clan – “Da Mystery of Chessboxin’ (Asterix Remix)” (Produced by Asterix)

Posted By The Certified Genius In recognition and celebration of the 20th anniversary of Wu-Tang Clan‘s Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), Asterix has put together a knock-out remix of the Wu’s “Da Mystery of Chessboxin’“. Using an MPC 2000XL as well as… read more

[New Video] Pete Rock Speaks On Heavy D’s Influence & His Production Tools Of Choice

Posted By The Certified Genius While speaking with HYPETRAK TV for an exclusive interview, Pete Rock let us inside his lab and lets us know his personal choices of tools he uses to create his tracks. Saying that he only… read more

[News] DJ Quik Offering “Top Dollar” Reward For Stolen Limited Edition Akai MPC

Posted By The Certified Genius Yesterday evening, DJ Quik revealed took to Twitter that his limited edition Akai MPC 3000 has been stolen on October 11th. Including a photo (see above) of the one-in-one-thousand MPC, Quik also announced that if… read more

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[New Video] Loading Sounds & Sequencing Drums With The Akai MPC Renaissance Via Maschine Masters

Posted By The Certified Genius Maschine Masters and Triple X Beatz bring us a part two or continuation of their last MPC Renaissance tutorial. Whereas the last video left off with teaching us the basics of the Renaissance’s browser, Triple X… read more

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[New Video] Akai MPC Renaissance Basics: The Browser Via Maschine Masters

Posted By The Certified Genius Maschine Masters are keeping their video tutorials rolling with this latest addition to their helpful series. With Triple X Beatz giving us an introductory lesson to the browser and basics of the Akai… read more

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[New Video] J-Zone In the Studio: Limitations and Mistakes

Posted By The Certified Genius Living in an era where technology quickly becomes “outdated” can be quite frustrating for producers and artists on the come-up, especially when working with a tight budget. Producer and artist J-Zone has revealed… read more

[MrNewJackKeys] Yamin Semali Brings Real Hip Hop Back to Listeners

Interview by Premise – What’s up Yamin? Thanks for taking time to do this interview. Tell us, when did you start producing? Yo!  Thank you for the time, much appreciated.  Well, I started in ’99 with… read more

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[iNterview] Shady Records Producer Rikanatti Offers Valuable Knowledge

Interview by @PremiseSNN – What’s up Rikanatti? Thanks for taking time to do this interview. Tell us, where are you from and when did you start producing? What led you down the path of a music… read more

arabmuzik freestyle
[New Video] araabMUZIK Freestyles On The AKAI MPC for The Crosby Press

Posted By The Certified Genius araabMUZIK recently granted The Crosby Press an all access pass to film him while he knocked out a new beat on his MPC in the studio. Running at about two minutes, the video… read more

[New Video] BMB SPACEKID – ”Go ILL” [Studio Session]

Every made a beat on the road? Russian producer BMB SPACEKID takes the term ‘Studio Session’ to a whole nother level by making a beat on the road. Check the vid out!