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[PlaceYourRecord] Manager Rico Brooks Discusses Producer Placements

Interview by Premise – Rico, thanks for talking with us. This is a new segment we are starting here at iStandard focused on helping producers to understand better how to navigate the business and place… read more

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[iN-Depth] Sonny Digital & His Ascension to Bonified Hit-Maker

  Interview by Premise – What’s up Sonny? Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to go iN-Depth with us about your music career. What initially sparked your passion to pursue a career… read more

[iN-Depth] With Chart-Topping APG Producer Sermstyle

Interview by Premise I recently had the pleasure of catching up with Sermstyle, an English-born producer who produced the #1 smash “Timber” by Pitbull featuring Ke$ha, and will be a household name in the very… read more

[iNterview] Jacksonville Producer D Rich

Interview by Premise – D Rich, thanks for taking the time to talk with us. For our readers who may not know, tell them who you are and where you are from? My name is… read more

Crooked City record
[Winners' Circle] The Talented Australian Duo Crooked City

Interview by Premise – What’s up Crooked City? Our Australian fam. It was a pleasure meeting you both last November in NY. How and when did you guys form the production duo and what roles… read more

[Winners' Circle] The W.A.S.T. W.A.I.N. Style

Interview by Premise – What led you down the path of music and when did you both get started individually? When did you form the duo W.A.S.T. W.A.I.N.? We are both originally from Columbus, OH… read more

[Winners' Circle] Berdz Takes The Boston Belt

Interview by Premise – What’s up Berdz, where are you from and what do you do? What’s good Premise, I was born and raised in Boston, MA.  I’m a Master Barber by trade but my… read more

[iNterview] Queens Native Producer James Worthy

Interview by Markeisha Mullen – What’s up James? Tell us your name and where you’re from. I go by the name of Producer James Worthy and I’m originally from Queens, NY. Okay so you’re originally from Queens, tell… read more

[iStandard Alumni] Portland Powerhouse Trox

Interview by Lunden Ings & Premise – Peace Trox. It’s nice to finally meet you. Being from Portland, I’ve heard a lot great things about you. Thanks for your time. How did you get started in the… read more

[iNterview] Willie B Talks “Ichibandon: Live From Manhattan” & More

Interview by J-Hatch – Willie B what’s up bro? You got the internet going crazy with this new project. Let the people know the title and the back story behind the release. Well.. the title of the… read more

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[iNterview] An Original Wu-Tang Architect 4th Disciple

Interview by Lunden Ings & Premise – Peace 4th, thanks for the interview. It’s an honor for us. You’ve been involved with many Wu-Tang classics. Tell me how you became affiliated with RZA and the Wu-Tang Clan?… read more

[Winners' Circle] DC Champion Michael J.R.

Interview by Premise –  What’s up Michael, where are you from and what do you do? What’s up fam, I’m a producer from Baltimore just trying to come up and shape lives with my music…. read more