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[iStandard Alumni] Portland Powerhouse Trox

Interview by Lunden Ings & Premise – Peace Trox. It’s nice to finally meet you. Being from Portland, I’ve heard a lot great things about you. Thanks for your time. How did you get started in the… read more

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[iNterview] An Original Wu-Tang Architect 4th Disciple

Interview by Lunden Ings & Premise – Peace 4th, thanks for the interview. It’s an honor for us. You’ve been involved with many Wu-Tang classics. Tell me how you became affiliated with RZA and the Wu-Tang Clan?… read more

[New Audio] RZA Ft. Will Wells – “Gift Of Hope” (Produced by RZA)

Posted By The Certified Genius After their touching Paul Walker tribute, RZA and Will Wells present us with their latest collaboration “Gift Of Hope“. Inspired by Nelson Mandela and the cast of the upcoming FOX pilot series Gang Related that RZA will be starring in, “Gift Of… read more

[New Audio] RZA Ft. Will Wells – “Destiny Bends” (Produced by RZA)

Posted By The Certified Genius Tragedy tends to be an unfortunate inspiration to some of the greatest music and such is the case with RZA and Will Wells‘ “Destiny Bends“. Produced and written by RZA, “Destiny Bends” is dedicated… read more

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[Hip Hop Tribute] Classic Track-By-Track Review – Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

  Review by Rory Webb – Ten days ago, on November 9, the music world celebrated the 20-year anniversary of the release of Wu-Tang Clan’s ground-breaking debut album, Enter the Wu-Tang: (36 Chambers). While the… read more

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[iStandard Alumni] Chi-Town’s Own ILL Brown

Interview by Premise – What’s up ILL? Where are you from and what do you do? Southside of Chicago born and raised! Been making beats for almost 20 years and I also work as a… read more

[iNterview] Chi-Town’s Native Son: J Brown

Interview by Ivory The Human Hustle – First I would like to say it is an honor to interview you on behalf of, it is always a pleasure to interview someone whose music I’ve… read more

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iStandard Track-By-Track Review: Tony Touch – Piece Maker 3: Return Of The 50 MC’s

  If you are reading your first Track by Track, here on, then there are a few things you must know: #1 The writers here at focus mostly on the beats … obviously – hence the… read more

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[New Video] RZA’s In-Depth & Personal Interview With Montreality

Posted By The Certified Genius The self proclaimed ‘Urban Authority Across Canada’, Montreality, recently caught up with RZA for an intelligent and personal dialogue. Opening up about everything from the type of student he was in school, past… read more

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[News] RZA Speaks On De La Soul Sampling Wu-Tang Clan for “Get Away”

Posted By The Certified Genius During a recent interview with XXL Magazine, the legendary RZA was asked about his feelings towards De La Soul‘s “Get Away” single that was released this past April. As reported by Hip Hop DX De… read more

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[News] RZA To Co-Star In Fox’s Gang Related TV Series Via The Hollywood Reporter

Posted By The Certified Genius Artist, producer and screenwriter RZA continues his journey into the film world and has landed his first regular role in a TV series. Set to appear on Fox’s upcoming drama pilot… read more

[News] RZA Files Lawsuit Against Pianist Over Sample Infringement Claim Via Billboard

Posted By The Certified Genius RZA has taken the offensive position of a legal matter and filed a lawsuit against a pianist (Meiko Kaji) who claims that RZA illegally sampled his piano melody for Kanye West’s… read more